PulsON 330

The new industry standard in UWB ranging.

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  • Provides ranging accuracy of <10 cm with data rates up to 6.8 Mbps
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.15.4-2011 standard and supports multi-band operation

The full-featured PulsON 330 (P330) sets the industry standard for UWB two-way ranging & communications, offering reliably standout performance for commercial and industrial users. The guiding principle in the creation of the P330 was ease of use – so that developers like you can deploy navigation and tracking solutions faster than ever before.

The newest addition to Time Domain’s award-winning line of UWB modules, the PulsON® 330 (P330) ranging radio brings together the best of two UWB industry leaders. The heart of the P330 is the DW1000 CMOS chip, the breakthrough integrated circuit by Irish fabless chipmaker DecaWave. Using the DW1000 as the basis, Time Domain has crafted an agile UWB module capable of providing range measurement accuracy of 10 cm or better with communications data rates up to 6.8 Mbps.

The P330 ranging/communications module provides users with a number of outstanding features:

  • As a ranging radio, the P330 uses Two-Way Time-of-Flight (TW-TOF) ranging to precisely measure the distance between two or more P330s. These ranging measurements have an accuracy of 10 cm and are provided at rates up to 200 Hz.
  • P330 customers get access to Time Domain’s suite of ranging and localization software, including a network optimized for TW-TOF measurement. This ranging network can be operated using either the ALOHA or TDMA protocols. A new location engine will be added soon to support rapid design of user navigation and tracking systems.
  • In addition to the ranging capability, the P330 can also operate as a communications device, supporting data transmission rates of up to 6.8 Mbps.
  • The P330 meets the specifications of the IEEE 802.15.4a standard for wireless ranging and communications and supports multi-band operation.
  • The P330 is designed to operate over the full industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) as well as operate in high shock and high vibration environments.
  • The UWB RF emissions are compliant with both the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 regulations and the European Union ETSI EN 302 065 standard mask.

The P330 was designed to serve two primary purposes: (1) for immediate deployment among Time Domain’s industrial customer base and (2) as an evaluation platform for the broader customer base in development and prototyping. For those whose primary concerns are size and cost, we will work with you to define requirements and produce even smaller, more streamlined variants of the P330 for volume deployments. Contact us today to begin your journey with the P330.


56 mm x 103 mm x 18 mm*
*includes antenna connectors and Ethernet RJ-45 jack

Input Power Range

4.5V to 48V DC

Typical Power Consumption

1.0 Watts

User Interface Options

Ethernet, USB, Serial, SPI, CAN

Ranging Performance: Clear Line of Sight (CLOS)

Accuracy (bias error): 10 cm
Max Operating Range: 100 m

Ranging Performance: Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)

Accuracy (bias error): variable depending on environment
Operating Range: variable depending on environment


Multi-Channel Operation:
4.0 GHz center frequency (500 MHz bandwidth)
6.5 GHz center frequency (500 MHz bandwidth)
Compliant with US FCC Part 15 and EU ETSI EN 302 065

Time Domain offers a development kit which bundles hardware, software, and engineering technical support to give new users the full toolset they need to understand how UWB technology works and how to integrate it into their products and applications.

P330 Ranging & Localization Development Kit

The P330 Ranging and Localization Development Kit allows users to get started quickly testing the peer-to-peer ranging & communications capabilities of the P330 platform and begin development of their own navigation and tracking networks. It includes five P330 modules, each with an antenna, enclosure, USB battery, and USB charger, ranging and networking software, a 3D tracking demo with auto-survey and Kalman filter, sample C and MATLAB code, documentation, and 5 hours of technical support.

The P330 Ranging and Localization Development Kit includes Time Domain’s RangeNet software, which supports both peer-to-peer ranging as well as a layer that automates the ranging process for network operation, and allows users the option of creating custom networks based on ALOHA or TDMA scheduling. A location layer takes the coordinated range measurements and converts them into real-time 2D locations.

The P330 Ranging and Localization Development Kit is compliant with most existing worldwide regulations for UWB operation and is available for sale now.

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