With the Humatics Rail Navigation System, transit systems can accelerate signal modernization, improve service reliability, reduce maintenance, expedite completion of capital programs, and enhance system safety through a variety of applications.


The Power of Industrial Ultra Wideband


Modern train systems require secure, reliable service for their riders. Industrial ultra wideband provides this peace of mind with the precise, long-range, minimal infrastructure-required, low-power train positioning, under all conditions.

How It Works

To provide precise speed and position, the Humatics Rail Navigation System UWB beacons installed along the wayside of the track continuously range to the Humatics UWB beacons on the train. Humatics combines these UWB ranges with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data to create robust real-time location, position, and speed data which seamlessly integrates with a train control system.


What does it take to modernize MTA’s signaling system with Ultra Wideband?

Unprecedented security, robustness, and precision

Humatics industrial-grade UWB offers unmatched security and robustness to environmental factors such as dust, snow, and interference, and provides precise position down to an inch or less at longer distances.

Critical solutions need more than UWB

Humatics uses UWB, IMU and offers integration with additional sensors for additional safety, and robustness. We create a superior train navigation system by fusing our own proprietary system with the best aspects of each additional sensor and integrating it together with software.

A systems-first approach to rail modernization

We collaborate with partners to create integrated safety-certified systems that solve our customer’s problems. Safety has no shortcuts and we work hand in hand with integrators to ensure we deliver a safe system.


A 30-Year Legacy in Ultra Wideband


Humatics technology offers the most precise, secure, robust, and low power rail navigation system on the market. These advantages have made Humatics UWB the “technology of choice” for two of the four winners in the signaling category of the MTA Genius Challenge.


Our Acknowledgements

New England Venture Capital Association's NEVY Rising Star in Tech Award 2019

MTA Genius Transit Challenge underlying technology for 2 of 4 winners in the Signaling category

FiRa Consortium Member

The Humatics Vision for Rail

Humatics’ approach to Rail and Transit hinges on four principles which enable our industrial UWB solution to outperform other UWB solutions in train control applications. As transit agencies and technology providers move towards incorporating UWB as part of resignaling initiatives, these principles should be front and center to future-proof the entire system.

Humatics Rail Navigation System Overview

Leveraging the robustness of industrial-grade ultra-wideband beacons and Inertial Measurement Units which provide precise, real-time position, speed, and acceleration, Humatics Rail Navigation System enables safety-critical train positioning in all conditions. Humatics’ transit UWB network unlocks a variety of applications including automatic train operations, platooning, advanced driver assistance, platform door control, roadway worker safety, and emergency location services.