Milo Software

You can't spell 'microlocation' without Milo™

Introducing Milo, the new Humatics microlocation software provides full operational visibility into your logistics facility and vehicle performance data, all in one place.

Plan, monitor and analyze how all your mobile assets move all day long.


By connecting your people, your proprietary systems and the Humatics microlocation platform, Milo provides a complete digital picture of your operation. So untracked vehicles are tracked and your employees work safely side-by-side with your systems and your fleet.


Plan, monitor, analyze

  • Plan

    Milo allows for fast, flexible facility configuration and upkeep. Create zones, bay and delivery regions in your facility for work management. View Humatics microlocation platform health to ensure all of the components work smoothly; update and replace when your system needs an upgrade. 

    • Fast facility configuration
    • Real-time health and performance monitoring
    • Easy update, upgrade and replacement
  • Monitor

    See how all of your mobile assets actually move through your facility. Monitor in real-time with Live View to see where your vehicles are and where they’re going. With History View, review vehicle behaviors to identify accident-prone and choke zones. To take a closer look at problem areas, filter your vehicles individually or in groups.

    • Full fleet data replay
    • Historical vehicle behavior and movement health
    • Vehicle paths with dwell times
  • Analyze

    Gain insight into your entire facility to see how your vehicles interact with other mobile assets and your operation. With Analytics in Milo, create and share customized Dashboards to track fleet performance and behavior over time.

    • Gain insight into your entire fleet
    • Build custom business intelligence dashboards to monitor performance over time
    • Create detailed reports highlighting metrics