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Just Getting Started?

We offer a variety of Kits and packages that serve as entry points for developers, researchers, and students, based on your application need. For those interested in the precision distance measurement and localization capabilities of our UWB technology, we recommend you purchase either the P330 or the P440 version of our Ranging and Localization Development Kit. Each Ranging and Localization Development Kit contains five modules plus our RangeNet software and all the accessories that you will need to test the ranging/localization and communications capabilities of the module and begin integrating it into your product or application.

If you are interested in UWB radar and sensing, we recommend you begin with the P440 Radar Development Kit. The Radar Development Kit includes two P440 modules and the software (MRM and CAT) and accessories needed to support monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic radar. The included CAT software also supports RF channel modeling.

With each of the Kits described above, for the first 90 days after purchase, you have access to 5 hours of technical support from one of Time Domain’s Field Application Engineers. Rest assured that this isn’t just hot line support. In this case, the person assisting you will be a design or systems engineer expert knowledgeable in all aspects of the equipment.

For users who want access to the full spectrum of PulsON UWB functionality, you should consider the P440 PulsON Lab. The PulsON Lab includes 10 P440 UWB modules, all the accessories you need to avoid accidental breakage and do mobile (battery-powered) testing, plus all three of our software packages (RangeNet, MRM, and CAT), and 10 hours of prepaid technical support. For users who have larger plans, we offer the P440 PulsON MegaLab. The PulsON MegaLab is a jumbo-sized version of the regular PulsON Lab, providing 20 P440 UWB modules and accessories instead of the 10 found in the regular version.

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Need a few additional units?

Depending on your application interest, we recommend the P330 UWB module or the P440 UWB module. Note that individual P330 and P440 modules do not come with an antenna or power source (sold separately, see below). If you are ordering more than a few, be sure to ask about volume discounts.

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Need Accessories?

Spare Broadspec Antennas are available in whatever quantity you need. We can now also offer a custom enclosure/housing for the P330 / P440 modules as well as a rechargeable USB battery.

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Need some additional help?

We offer additional 10 and 25 hour blocks of Technical Support. This extra help can prove very useful in helping you over any project development start up bumps. For more on Technical Support, visit our Support page.

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Interested in jump starting your project and getting to market faster?

Time Domain also provides design services. With over 20 years of experience in UWB technology, we have seen just about everything. That translates into almost a million man hours of design and application experience. You might consider leveraging that expertise to get your project off the ground and into customers’ hands faster.

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Considering a VERY large number of units?

Perhaps you are getting close to fielding a product. If so, then let’s have a discussion. We may be farther down the improvement path than you realize. There probably are some design or implementation changes we could consider making that would dramatically reduce the cost of the P330 or P440 modules for your application.