Time Domain and DecaWave Micro-Location Q&A with EE Catalog

Jon Hedges, Time Domain’s Director of Sales & Marketing, and Luc Darmon, DecaWave Chief Marketing Officer, spoke with EE Catalog about their new partnership and plans for bringing the benefits of UWB micro-location to a broader customer base.

UWB Micro-location: Q&A with DecaWave and Time Domain

That’s U for ubiquitous, if DecaWave and Time Domain realize their dream of making ultra wideband (UWB) the go to technology for localization that has to be both accurate and reliable.

UWB semiconductor maker DecaWave and UWB hardware/software firm Time Domain announced a strategic partnership meant to strengthen system integrators’ ability to devise location-based solutions. Luc Darmon, Chief Marketing Officer, DecaWave, and Jon Hedges, Director of Sales and Marketing, Time Domain, spoke with EECatalog about the partnership.

EECatalog: What is micro-location?

Luc Darmon, DecaWave: Micro-location is location with accuracy within half a meter or so but more than that—within half a meter 99.9 percent of the time, so it’s not only accurate, it’s also very reliable in terms of measurement, and it’s real time.

EECatalog: How did the partnership come about?

Luc Darmon, DecaWave: To Time Domain’s credit, they looked at DecaWave’s chip and said, “Why don’t we partner? You guys have a chip, meant to be broadly used in the industry as a foundation of a location system, and we, Time Domain, can provide time of flight systems expertise, especially for use in difficult conditions such as harsh industrial environments.

Jon Hedges, Time Domain: This [strategic partnership] is about the customers and getting them the tools they need to be successful quickly and really jumpstart their development.

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