2014 PulsON Education Challenge Winners Announced!

Time Domain is proud to announce the winners of our 2014 PulsON Education Challenge.  The objective of the contest was to develop an experiment and example final lab report that:

  • Can be performed by  an undergraduate electrical engineering student
  • Can be conducted in a standard university laboratory environment
  • Can be accomplished in a couple of hours or less
  • Uses a PulsON 400 series UWB platform to demonstrate an important radio or radar principle

We are very pleased to report that we had entrants from around the world and that the entries covered a wide variety of topics.   8 awards were given – 2 first place awards of $1000 each and 6 second place awards of $500 each.  We hope that these experiments will prove useful to anyone trying to teach electromagnetics, physics, radar, and signal processing.   The winners are listed below. (CLICK on the name of the experiment to view and download.)

1st PlaceChenchen (Jimmy) LiThe University of Texas at AustinMultipath Propagation and Frequency-Selective Fading
1st PlaceMargery HinesNortheastern UniversityMeasuring the Speed of Light and Understanding Radar Basics
2nd PlaceWillis TroyBaylor UniversityMeasurement of Human Motion Micro-Doppler Features
2nd PlaceCai Haofan & Jiang LinshanSouth University of Science & Technology of ChinaCooperative Localization Using UWB Ranging
2nd PlaceIvan CowieHuntsville, AlabamaMeasuring the Speed of Light and Reflectivity of Objects
2nd PlaceRobert StiglianoLebanon, New HampshireAntenna Basics
2nd PlaceMingzhe Li & Yue ZhangSouth University of Science & Technology of ChinaUsing a UWB Radar to Measure Respiratory Rate
2nd PlaceZhichong ZhouThe University of DenverMotion Target Signal Processing

If you teach EMAG or RF or radar or signal processing, please check these out!  The experiments have no copyright and are intended to be downloaded for free, used as is, or modified as you see fit.  Have fun with them!

If you would like editable copies of both the experiments and the lab reports, please email us at lab.contest@timedomain.com.   Since the lab reports contain “the answers” we want to limit distribution to professors and lab instructors.  While we don’t require a secret handshake, please make it easy for us to confirm that you are a professor or lab instructor.  (Something like a link to a faculty bio page will be fine.)

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