Channel Analysis & Bistatic Radar

Our Channel Analysis Tool (CAT) software allows P440 users to view and log ultra wideband (UWB) RF waveforms as they propagate through an RF channel. These captured waveforms represent the impulse response of the environment. They can be used as a propagation tool to develop a channel model or as a bistatic or multistatic radar.

Use as a Propagation Tool: Because the transmitted signal contains a high precision embedded synchronization clock, there is no need for a hardwire trigger signal between the transmitter and receiver. This eliminates an operational limitation of typical systems. A CAT-based system will collect high quality propagation data faster, more conveniently, and at a tenth of the cost of a conventional DSO-based system.

CIR provided: CAT is also provided with sample MATLAB code that uses the CLEAN algorithm to convert captured waveforms into Channel Impulse Responses (CIR).


MATLAB code provided with the CAT software allows conversion of captured waveforms into Channel Impulse Responses (CIR)

Communications Statistics Provided: CAT provides communications statistics for all received data including: Eb/No, Bit Error Rate and Packet Error Rate.

Use as a Bi- or Multistatic Radar: Waveforms captured by CAT can also be treated as Bistatic or Multistatic radar waveforms. All energy subsequent to the first arriving energy is caused by reflections from targets in the field of view. Reflections that change over time are moving targets. Collected data can be converted into I&Q data streams and Doppler processed. Waveforms can be motion filtered and processed for detections.


Typical received waveform showing the first arriving energy and potential targets

The Basics

P440 Data Sheet & User Guide


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Dig Deeper

CAT API Specification


CAT User Guide


Sample MATLAB CLEAN Algorithm


Measuring a UWB Waveform


Application Note and White Papers

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