Heavy Industry

Mining and Rail

Our mining and rail customers understood early on the benefits of using UWB precision ranging to prevent expensive collisions between these very large, heavy vehicles.

Mining vehicle operators have to contend with lots of blind spots when maneuvering. They use GPS for positioning but GPS is unreliable in many operating scenarios (in tunnels, near rock faces, in canyons) and it’s in those cases where costly accidents typically occur. UWB localization is being implemented in mobile ad hoc networks that let operators know the relative positions of other vehicles to prevent accidents and increase operational efficiency.

Our customer Metrom Rail has had great success using UWB peer-to-peer ranging to measure the spacing between railway work vehicles, ensuring that they maintain a safe distance apart during operation. Metrom has expanded its use of UWB technology to include real-time signal, speed, and collision avoidance detection for passenger rail operations.


Time Domain partner Metrom Rail’s Aura Collision Avoidance System (CAS) provides railway work equipment and high rail operators with speed-based approach alerts and alarms based on UWB precision distance measurement.

Other customers are leveraging the precision that UWB technology offers in a variety of other compelling industrial uses:

  • To precisely measure the length of long structures
  • To precisely measure the location of specific features in buildings
  • To position the arm (and load) of a crane
  • To track forklifts moving indoors and outdoors
  • To locate and track people moving through a work site
  • To measure the deflection (bend) of items under environmental stress