Defense & Security


Ultra wideband technology has its roots in military applications, and it is here that its full potential is realized. Today’s battles are fought in urban areas, in forests, at night, and in all weather conditions. In these scenarios reliable real time situational awareness can mean the difference between life and death. Time Domain’s PulsON sensors can support both cooperative (blue force) and non-cooperative (red force) tracking, augmenting traditional technologies for a more robust solution in a small package.

PulsON UWB peer-to-peer ranging and micro-location addresses shortcomings of other location sensors such as GPS, inertial, or vision. PulsON UWB multistatic radar with LPI/LPD communications fills performance gaps of traditional radar and vision-based security systems.

Time Domain’s urban combat solutions allow soldiers to own the urban terrain, just as night vision allowed them to own the night, by enabling:

  • Low false alarm rate, wireless perimeter fences
  • Safety and situational awareness around large unmanned and autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous robotic convoys
  • Precise blue force tracking with integrated communications
  • Rapidly-deployable self-localized radar for unattended ground sensors (UGS) for area surveillance
  • Indoor mapping and through-wall surveillance
  • In-building covert communications
  • Precision landing radar for tight quarter, limited visibility conditions

Time Domain has developed a virtual Radar Fence which is in use at a number of critical installations in the US. The system operates as a multistatic radar to detect, track, and classify targets of interest as either humans, animals, or vehicles.


From nuclear power plants to cattle feed pens, from pipelines to borders, and from shipyards to airports, the list of infrastructure critical to the Nation’s economy and security is as diverse as many of the facilities are vulnerable. Traditional methods of infrastructure security can often be very costly and time consuming to install, not feasible due to geographical constraints, or sometimes just inadequate for the task. Time Domain’s technology can augment traditional techniques by supporting:

  • Wireless perimeter security fences for real time, low false alarm rate intruder detection
  • Quick-install perimeter security fences for cost-effective protection, particularly in temporary circumstances
  • Real time intruder tracking systems for pinpoint interdiction
  • Equipment and personnel tracking for monitoring and protection