About Us

The Leader in Ultra Wideband Technology and Product Development

Time Domain, located in Huntsville, Alabama, is the world leader in Ultra Wideband (UWB) product development. Our PulsON products allow researchers and developers to evaluate UWB as a ranging, communications, or radar technology and develop UWB-enabled products that target those applications.

TDC Acquisition Holdings, Inc., doing business as “Time Domain”, was established in 2010 when it purchased much of the assets of Time Domain Corporation in a private sale.  At that time, the business model was revamped and the company began focusing on the PulsON series of products.  Previously, over $25 million was invested in the PulsON technology including product development, silicon development, regulatory approval, patents, and market development.  TDC Acquisition Holdings, Inc. was acquired by a private equity group led by Bonaventure Capital and Fidelis Capital in July 2014.

Prior to the 2010 private purchase, Time Domain had a long and rich history as a founder of the UWB industry and pioneered everything from the first custom UWB chip to spectrum regulations to intellectual property.

In 1996, significant private investment enabled Time Domain to assemble an experienced technical team of radio frequency (RF) engineers, software and product engineers, ASIC designers, physicists, information theorists, radar analysts, logic engineers, and technicians to advance the state of the art of UWB.  In 1999, the Company produced the world’s first UWB silicon chipset, marketed under the name PulsON.

In addition to being a technology leader, Time Domain played a critical role in prompting the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to take action and amend its rules to allow for the commercial use of UWB, which it did in 2002. That same year, the Company produced the second generation of the PulsON chipset which was designed to meet the FCC’s new regulations for commercial UWB products. In September 2002, a radio powered by the PulsON chipset became the first UWB communications product to be certified by the FCC.

Another major investment of Time Domain was in intellectual property.  Time Domain holds the premier patent portfolio for UWB technology.  As of 2015, the Company has 83 patents awarded or filed worldwide. The core patents cover the fundamental technology and include system level characteristics. Subsequent patents have expanded the core technology and applied it to specific applications which cover techniques that optimize the reception of high bandwidth transmissions, precise positioning, and radar.

Time Domain also produced three product lines other than PulsON, two of which were sold (spun-off) and became their own businesses.

  • Time Domain created the world’s first Through-Wall Radar product, branded as RadarVision and SoldierVision. These advanced radars were sold worldwide and used by law enforcement and military personnel from 2003-2007.
  • Alereon Inc., based in Austin, TX, began as a Time Domain product initiative focused on very high data rate, short-range communications which ultimately became the WiMedia industry standard. Alereon was spun-off in 2003.
  • PLUS Location Systems, based in Huntsville, AL, was the company’s primary product line from 2006 to 2010 and the business unit was sold in 2011. The PLUS product line is focused on the RTLS space.

Successive generations of the PulsON radio were also introduced over time.  The most significant advancements were made in 2011 with the introduction of the P400 series and subsequently in 2015 with the release of the new P440 modules.

Time Domain was bold and visionary enough to recognize the value in the Decawave DW1000 chip that for the first time in the company’s history incorporated UWB technology offered by a third party.  Our customers’ needs have always been our central focus, and partnering with other technology providers offer customers choices and only strengthens the UWB market as a whole.

Today Time Domain’s PulsON products are being used by hundreds of smart innovative customers and partners around the world in a wide variety of applications.