Remembering Larry Fullerton



It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our founder Larry Fullerton following a long and hard fought battle with cancer.  He was 65.

Much has been written over the years about Larry’s technical brilliance and intellect.  The national media compared him to Thomas Edison, and they were not mistaken.  His genius is commemorated not only in scores of patents (more than 500!) and awards, but also in products that preserve, improve, and extend people’s lives.  He developed a device for detecting early stage breast cancer, and pioneered the field of programmable magnets.  Prior to that, his work at Time Domain formed the foundation for the ultra wideband (UWB) industry, a technology now being deployed around the world to prevent deadly accidents and collisions, help businesses run more reliably and efficiently, and help secure critical facilities.  In the process he touched countless lives with his friendship, good humor, and gentle spirit.

In our modern world of specialization, Larry’s interests spanned multiple disciplines, unbound by the distinctions among the formal sciences.  He was driven by natural curiosity and blessed with the uncommon vision to see things not as they are, but the way they could be.  And he had the ability and the courage to follow through on that promise.  When several of us visited him in the early fall, he was very excited about the purchase of a new electron microscope.  He was using it to develop a device that could distinguish which mosquitoes carried the Zika virus.  Above all, he wanted to help others on a personal and global scale.

We will remember him as a joy to work with and someone who had joy in his work.  Anyone who spent time around Larry would recognize that unmistakable sparkle in his eye that signaled a new idea.  We will honor his memory in the best way that we know how – by continuing the work that he started all those many years ago.  Larry’s spirit will be a part of us always and his legacy lives on in every pulse we transmit.

A family funeral is being held today in Jacksonville, Arkansas.  A memorial service for Huntsville-area family and friends will be held at the Thurber Arts Center at Randolph High School, 4915 Garth Road SE, Huntsville, Alabama on December 3rd at 1 PM.  All are welcome.


He placed his fingertips

on the seeming emptiness

of air.

He spoke in swirling motions

about fields of time.

There was merriment in his eyes.

And I understood that what made it possible

for him to see those intricate, mathematical planes

was his genius for play.

— Patricia Sammon


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