How to Automate Anything That Moves – Fortune Magazine on 5D Robotics and United Rentals


Examine & enjoy this link to an article in Fortune magazine, where the effort of Time Domain customer 5D Robotics for United Rentals is featured. This case represents a great deal about our company, its business model, the PulsON technology, its maturity, and the reception among forward-thinking players in industry.

5D has been developing solutions using PulsON peer-to-peer ranging for a number of years. Their expertise in mobile robotics and autonomous operation lead them to consider how the unique performance of Time Domain’s PulsON UWB when integrated with GPS, IMUs and LIDAR via their own behavior engine software, could achieve both accuracy and robustness in a manner unequaled by any other approach. Now, they have a deep understanding of how to best exploit it to the advantage of their own customer’s enterprise-scale applications.

Large enterprises have realized that the effective business use of mobile platforms demand certainty about location, synchronization of events across many platforms, and robustness in difficult conditions in real-time operation. Solutions have been sought for decades. Since it became understood there is no magic bullet, but rather the selection and tuning of a mix of elements by sophisticated experts that yields a deployable solution, there has been progress.

Time Domain’s business model has long been to enable others to take our products to the next level in their fields. That is the purpose of our Development Kits & Labs. That is why they are devised to be comprehensive in nature – ready to use in a practical sense, right out of the box. No discovery, little engineering…. all application / integration.

The case of 5D & United Rentals is testament to the unique position of Time Domain in the world of ranging solutions and UWB technology. It is not simply the very sophisticated and distinct “flavor” of our UWB architecture. It is the manner in which we have brought it forth to the marketplace, its maturity and completeness, and it is the nature of our relationship with our customers and partners. We will see more cases like 5D and United Rentals in the near future.

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