Halloween 2015: A Spook-tacular Event

Another fun-filled Halloween has come and gone, and a good time was had by all. We were able to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the original Time Domainers, Mark Barnes, who joined us for the festivities. Thanks to everyone that participated, and a special thanks to Tim and Kay Spence for opening their doors to this strange cast of characters!

Now on with the pictures:

The Gang

The Gang


Mary Poppins and Bert (Caroline and Brandon Dewberry)Mary Poppins and Bert (Caroline and Brandon Dewberry)

Robot CEO (Rachel Reinhardt)

Robot CEO (Rachel Reinhardt)


MartyMarty McFly (Jon Hedges)


The Good Witch (Bonnie Staley)

JuliusJulius Caesar Salad (Tim Spence)

 50 Shades50 Shades of “Kay” (Kay Spence)

Bartending Elvis

Bartending Elvis (Tony Buszka)

The Dude

The “Dude” and the Space Cowboy (Benjamin and Derek Johns)

2V0A1703Hail Caesar!

Jayci BrowerThe Spider Who Crossed the Road (Jayci Brower)

that's gross“That’s gonna leave a” Mark Barnes

BTTF_PosterExtra-special thanks to former Time Domainer Neil Brown, who made this excellent Photoshop of our time-traveling Jon Hedges!

Happy Halloween from Time Domain!

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