Unlock the power of your location data


Humatics microlocation systems enable world-class positioning and navigation on a scale that matters to you, whether it’s centimeters, millimeters, or microns. Use it to accelerate your industrial growth.


How Humatics Piloted its Rail Navigation with the MTA

What does it take to modernize MTA’s signaling system with ultra wideband? Over the course of 10 months, Humatics deployed its Rail Navigation System in partnership with the MTA on 5.5 miles of track in Brooklyn, NY, demonstrating the power of UWB technology through continuous navigation throughout the right-of-way. See how Humatics can improve train positioning, speed up capital programs, and more!

Humatics Rail Navigation System

Keep your trains running. Commuters expect reliable train service, no matter what time it is or what’s happening on the track or in the world. Outfit your transit network with the train tracking technology your riders deserve: the Humatics Rail Navigation System.

Humatics Submillimeter Microlocation System

Imagine what you could do with better precision. With Humatics’ submillimeter positioning system, you can unlock location data at an unprecedented micro scale to allow for true collaboration between people, machines and infrastructure.


What Humatics Stands For

A systems-first approach

Our microlocation systems take a systems approach: rather than focusing solely on how our technology operates independently, we take our users’ adjacent systems into account. Whether you’re operating a manufacturing assembly line, a warehouse, or a complex transit system, Humatics will ensure that your entire system works faster and safer.

The standard for industrial microlocation

Recognized as the inventor and leader in industrial microlocation, Humatics fuses our proprietary industrial microlocation sensor, other off-the-shelf sensors, and data, delivering best in class range and precision to solve mission-critical localization and navigation challenges in harsh environments, such as transit systems, warehouses and manufacturing assembly lines, where other technologies fall short.

Designed to enable safety and reliability

Safety-critical applications, such as train navigation and manufacturing processes, require sensor fusion. An individual sensor won’t do the job, so we’ve built a self-contained microlocation system that can easily integrate with the best aspects of each sensor and tie them together with our software to provide a superior microlocation solution.



Humatics is spelled with the first four letters of “human” and the last four letters of “robotics”,  highlighting our vision to drive the seamless collaboration between humans, machines and infrastructure.


It's Nice to Be Acknowledged

New England Venture Capital Association's NEVY Rising Star in Tech Award 2019

RBR50 Top Company in Robotics 2019

FiRa Consortium Member