In the new world, location drives everything.


The era of microlocation has arrived.

535 Humatics microlocation systems enable world-class navigation and tracking on a scale that matters to you, whether it’s centimeters, millimeters, or microns. Use it to accelerate your industrial growth.

The collaboration of humans, machines and infrastructure

Humatics is spelled with the first four letters of “human” and the last four letters of “robotics” highlighting our focus on the seamless collaboration between human, machine and infrastructure. Our microlocation systems take a systems-first approach: rather than focusing on just how our technology operates independently, we take our users’ adjacent systems into account. Whether you’re operating a manufacturing assembly line or a complex transit system, Humatics will ensures that we are doing our part to make your entire system work faster and better.

The standard for industrial microlocation

Recognized as the inventor and leader in industrial microlocation, Humatics fuses our proprietary industrial microlocation sensor, other off-the-shelf sensors, and data, delivering best in class range and precision to solve mission-critical localization and navigation challenges in harsh environments, such as transit systems and manufacturing assembly lines, where other technologies fall short.

Designed for safety and reliability

Just as airplane flight requires several sensor modalities between the pilot and the airplane’s autopilot navigation system, so too do other safety-critical applications, such as train navigation and manufacturing assembly processes. For these safety-critical systems, we recognize that an individual sensor won’t do the job, so we’ve built a self-contained microlocation system that can easily integrate with the best aspects of each sensor and tie them together with our software to provide a superior microlocation solution.


Key features

Patent-protected microlocation infrastructure

  • Centimeter and millimeter-scale precision
  • Proprietary industrial-grade technology
  • Complete coverage, eliminating blind spots

Reliable across multiple applications

  • Deployed in harsh environments both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for dynamic, unstructured environments
  • Improves uptime of all your systems

Flexible & scalable implementation

  • Installs in days not months
  • Integrates easily with existing systems
  • Scales to meet your business needs